February 03, 2022

Non-owner automobile insurance, also known as non-owners insurance or non-drivers insurance, covers those who don’t own a car but occasionally drive another’s.

Non-owner automobile insurance is for persons who don’t own a car yet need to drive every now and then. Perhaps you commute by train most of the time but hire a car on vacation or use a shared car to a conference every now and then. Non-owner insurance may be appropriate for you if you frequently drive other people’s automobiles.

Non-owner automobile insurance, on the other hand, is not the greatest option if you frequently borrow a vehicle from a family or a friend. Rather, you should be included in the car owner’s insurance coverage. This may be required based on their insurer and your state, even if the automobile belongs to an unrelated roommate and you don’t have a valid driver’s license.

There are a few things to bear in mind if you’re considering acquiring a non-owner automobile insurance policy. The driver, not the vehicle, is covered under a non-owner car insurance policy. That implies any damage to the car you’re driving won’t be covered by your insurance.

Because it’s a liability policy that solely protects the other driver, it won’t cover your medical bills if you’re hurt. If you want injury coverage for yourself, you’ll need to add a personal injury insurance supplement. Non-owner insurance is purchased per person, so your spouse and other family members are not covered.

You can determine if non-owner auto insurance is correct for you now that you know the advantages and drawbacks.