February 03, 2022

Securing life insurance with thyroid disease is possible. This is a condition that most people have under control – whether you have an under active or over active thyroid. There are many health conditions and preexisting conditions that life insurance companies will rate you up or even decline you for. When it comes to thyroid disease, some life insurance companies will rate you up – which will raise your premiums. The key is to compare life insurance companies and find the ones that won’t penalize you. In this post we’ll explain how that works.

Life Insurance With Thyroid Disease
Finding the right life insurance company can ultimately save you thousands on your premiums over the life of your policy. Each life insurance company has their own underwriting criteria when you apply with them. So it’s really important to find and apply with the life insurance company that is most friendly to thyroid disease clients.

Thyroid Disease Life Insurance – The Easy Way.
When deciding to apply for life insurance with thyroid disease – you need to provide your agent with some basic information so they are able to research the best companies available to you. Your situation will be unique whether you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Your agent will be needing some details about your health in order to get your health class rating. One that is determine, your agent can provide you all of the companies and rates.

Securing Life Insurance With Thyroid Disease
If you have a thyroid condition it is very likely you will qualify for life insurance.